Introducing the new CRONUS ZEN

CRONUS ZEN is the most advanced game controller adapter ever created. Use almost any controller on an Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC. All the latest and most popular controllers are supported as well as a brand new Mouse & Keyboard Engine that no longer requires a PC, and so much more! Console Gaming Without Limits.


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Core Features
of the Cronus Zen

Whether it's using the latest controllers on your favorite gaming device, or going full elite with a Mouse & Keyboard while running GamePacks & Mods for the newest games. Zen does it all.


All Major Platforms

Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PS3 & Windows PC

Latest Controllers

Supports most licensed controllers including Scuf, Nacon, Razer & Astro

Mouse & Keyboard

Brand new Mouse & Keyboard Engine that gives unparalleled performance

Free Mods & Scripts

Cronus has the biggest library of gaming mods in the world. Always Free.

Discover amazing new features

Built from the ground up, and almost 3 years in development, the Cronus Zen is the most advanced video gaming converter ever created. Everything you need is packed into one, compact, powerful device.

Built-In Bluetooth

Built-in low latency Bluetooth 4.1 with enhanced data rate (EDR) and low energy (LE) support, for up to 4 active connections and 55 meters range.

Headset & Audio

Xbox One and PS4 wired headsets can now be connected to the controller. The DualShock 4 speaker is also fully supported (Requires Wired DS4 CUH-ZCT2)

Xbox One Wireless

Includes full support for earlier models that require the Xbox One Wireless Adapter, and all Bluetooth versions of the Xbox One controller, including the Elite.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console is now supported, inc the Dual Bluetooth NavCon Controllers and a brand new set of GPC commands for Switch Mods.

New Controllers

A new HID engine enables the support of a huge range of new, licensed controllers, including popular brands such as Scuf, Nacon, Razer and Astro.

Massive 32k Memory Slots

Some of the best mods in the world are only 4k, so we added 8 x 32k slots of fast memory. Don't expect some weapon settings in a script, expect ALL OF THEM.

5 x USB Ports

More USB ports than you can shake a stick at! 3 Ports for controllers, keyboards, mice and other accessories, 1 port for PC Prog and a port to connect to the console.

Mouse & Keyboard Engine

Connect a huge range of gaming Mice and Keyboards directly to your console with our new M&K engine. GamePacks are now fully supported.

OLED Screen

Easily navigate mod settings with the Zen Message Screen. The OLED screen can also be accessed and customized by modders with new GPC commands.

Have a Question?
Check our FAQ

These are a sample of the questions we’ve been asked over the last few days.

We’ll be sure to add more as soon as you guys throw them our way!

Yes you can. All CronusMAX PLUS GamePacks are backwards compatible with Zen, and there will be a number of packs designed specifically for Zen and the new OLED screen when it launches.

We’ve worked hard to make sure as many of the latest models are supported – and will continue to do so as more are released. We’ve concentrated on many licensed brands such as Razer, Scuf, Nacon, Astro and of course the new Elite 2 Controller from Microsoft. A full list of compatible devices will be made available.

Absolutely! We will provide many new GPC commands, including the ability to output data to the OLED Message Screen. Right now it displays GamePack menus, mod selections and adjustments to make GamePack and script setup an absolute breeze. It really is a game changer for the scripting community.

The processing power of the Zen is exponentially more powerful than the CronusMAX PLUS. We have worked closely with some of the best esports players in the world to make sure that this hardware is as seamless as if you were connected directly to the console.

We worked very hard to make a Mouse & Keyboard experience that was on par with the best. There’s a brand new M&K software interface that will change the way you game. The setup is very intuitive and includes many presets for the most popular titles. Most brands of Mouse and Keyboard are auto detected – all you need to do is set the polling rate and dpi, connect to the Zen, select your preset and go. That’s it!

Zen has been tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10. We recommend you use Windows 10 for the most optimum experience.

Yes it does. Both Xbox One and PS4 wired & wireless headsets are supported. We have even added support for CROSSOVER AUDIO which makes Cronus Zen the first device in the world with this capability! The DualShock 4 speaker is also supported – requires a DS4 controller model CUH-ZCT2 (DS4v2)

Note: Crossover Audio Support requires an original XB1 controller and a Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Adapter if gaming with an XB1 controller, or a DS4v2 if gaming with a PS4 controller.

The first stage of release will be a Public Beta program open to Cronus Community members all over the world. This offers an opportunity to buy and test the new hardware and software before it is officially released to the retail market sometime next year, enabling us to dial everything in so it’s rock solid for everyone. Applications are now being accepted and it’s only $79.99! – scroll down for more details.

No. All Bluetooth features are built-in to the device to give you a completely seamless and cost effective experience. There are no expensive hidden extras. We do recommend that anyone with an Xbox One controller use the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for an optimal experience, as this supports more features than Bluetooth.

Absolutely not. Cronus is a community based product, designed by modders for modders. The GPC Library and the thriving Cronus Community exist because of the input from the scripting and modding scene that has grown around Cronus and the GPC language. GamePacks and Scripts will always be free at Cronus. Always.

Oh yes, over the next few days we will be introducing you to Zen Studio.

Logitech G25, Logitech G27 and many Fanatec wheels are supported on the PS4 with full Force feedback, pedals and shifters. A full list of compatible devices will be made available.